About Us

We are committed to providing dental education, preventive and reconstructive dentistry using the latest techniques in a professional environment.

Comprehensive treatment planning and proactive dental treatment allows us to reduce the number of visits


We are open from Monday to Friday 8-5

We operate by appointment only.

Business hours: Our business hours are from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm

Emergency Service: During office hours emergency treatment where possible will be provided by a resident dentist, if not possible one of our dentists will see you at theĀ first available appointment. Emergencies outside office hours please refer to our emergency number.

Specialist referral

Our dentists enjoy a close working relationship with a wide range of dental specialists and we refer where appropriate

Infection control

This is of prime importance. All handpieces and instruments are sterilised by autoclave after each patient.

Barrier covers are placed on all surfaces and changed after each visit.

Sterilisation: We adhere to the standards set out in the AS/NZS standard and follow Australian Dental Association directed guidelines.

Items that cannot be sterilised we use single use disposable items.

Privacy Policy

Privacy act 1988 requires Dental Practitioners to obtain consent from patients to collect, use and disclose patients personal information. We acknowledge and respect these requirements