Being an Environmentally Conscious Dentist

With clinics following strict guidelines to make sure their treatment rooms and surrounds remains sterile, it's difficult to be environmentally friendly. Following infection control procedures usually involves single use plastics, and while some of it is unavoidable, here at Broome Dental Clinic we are making changes to reduce, reuse and recycle while still upholding our high clinical standards.

A simple swap makes a big difference.

One of the first changes we have made sounds small, but makes a huge difference even in just a day. We have replaced single use plastic air and water syringe tips, used during every procedure, with a metal tip. These tips are changed between patients, steam sterilised, and reused. In just one busy day, that can save 32 plastic tips from landfill!

Bamboo is the new plastic.

If you have ever had gum troubles or need a hand cleaning between your teeth, you might be familiar with interdental brushes. Traditionally made with a plastic handle and bristles, these brushes go to landfill after a week of use. However we have found a product that even the most environmental patient can be happy to use! Piksters bamboo interdental brushes and their packaging are made of 97.6% biodegradable and sustainable materials, with the plastic bristles being made of corn starch derived polymer. Want to give them a try? Broome Dental Clinic have a variety of sizes in stock at our front counter now.

A new addition to your goodie bag.

We love giving out goodie bags to our patients after their 6 monthly check-ups to help them keep their oral health in tip top shape. But some of our regulars might notice a change in their gift packs in coming weeks. We have ditched the plastic bags for paper, for you to reuse or recycle, making your next visit as green as possible.

Watch this space! We are always looking for environmentally friendly alternatives or changes we can make, and if you have ay suggestions for something we can do, we'd love to hear from you!