Children's Dental Health

Why should my child have regular dental visits?

Children will have most of their baby teeth by the time they reach 2 years old, give or take a little as everyone is different! Some of these baby teeth stay with our kids until they are 12 years old, so there is a lot of life we need to get out of them.

Children also start to get their first adult teeth from around 6 years old (these won’t fall out!).

Children need their teeth for many reasons, especially to thrive and grow. Speech, social development, and chewing are the major ones. Guiding positions for their permanent adult teeth is another among many.

The stigma around children's baby teeth and that they will fall out is an outdated one and our role is to educate you on why the health of children's baby teeth is so important.

Decayed and infected teeth hurt! They affect sleep, speech, eating and general wellbeing, which means children's ability to grow, sleep well and thrive is affected. if an infected and decayed tooth is left in a child's mouth it can cause very painful swelling, break down and can leave sharp shards of the tooth in the children's gums and cause their adult teeth to erupt in the wrong position which can lead to orthodontic issues later on.

Dental decay is a preventable disease and preventing it can be possibly done with home dental hygiene habits, regular dental appointments, education, and preventive dental treatment where necessary.

Children need help to brush their teeth until they are about 8 years old. They don’t have the dexterity ability we do as adults to get to all the hard-to-reach places. Children can also start flossing with help to get between their teeth. We do like to build independence for our kids so letting them do their brushing in the mornings and helping them in the evenings is a good way to build their confidence and independence. Adult toothpaste is recommended for children over the age of 6 (this is to keep their new adult teeth healthy!)

We recommend children start coming to the dentist from 12 months to 18 months old, this is to build familiarisation and trust in the dental environment. At Broome Dental Clinic our Oral Health Therapists can make their trip a positive, fun, and comfortable one. Young children can have a ride in the dental chair, wear sunglasses and have their teeth checked with the mirror. We encourage families to bring their children in regularly to prevent dental anxiety and to make their first visits positive!