COVID-19 and Your Dental Health

Broome Dental Clinic is committed to keeping our patients safe as we take precautions against COVID-19. In addition to the things we do all the time, like using chemicals proven to kill viruses like COVID-19, we have implemented additional measures make sure we can continue seeing our patients during these challenging times.

We are calling all of our patients before their appointments and screening for any illness, exposure to COVID-19 hotspots, or any other reasons why we may have to delay their treatment for the safety of others. We are also asking out patients to check into their appointments remotely over the phone, waiting in their car until the room is ready and they can come straight in, avoiding the waiting room.

Our clinic is an essential service and so proof of vaccination is not required from our patients.

All of the measures we have put into place are to ensure our patients can be confident to attend their appointments. It is important not to delay your regular dental treatment, as the latest studies have linked good oral health with a reduction in the severity of COVID-19 cases.

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