Sugary Drinks are a Rotten Choice

Sugary treats might taste sweet, but do you know how they are affecting your teeth?

The Cancer Council WA, in Partnership with the Australian Dental Association has developed a new campaign as part of the LiveLighter campaign to help spread awareness of just how those sweet treats can impact you and your family’s health. The aim of this campaign is to discourage parents from purchasing sugary drinks and limit their family’s consumption by showing the graphic results of too much sugar.

So what is sugar doing to you? Too much sugar can lead to unhealthy weight gain, which increases the risk of serious chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and 13 types of cancer. That’s not even including the effects on your teeth!

Every time you have a sip of a sugary drink, this is what happens:

1 - The bacteria that lives in your mouth jumps into action and breaks the sugar down into acids.

2 - The acid then dissolves the outer surface of your tooth enamel.

3 - The acid attacks last around 20 minutes, and every time you take a sip the process will begin all over again!

4 - The regular loss of enamel will lead to cavities which will expose the inner layers of your tooth. Not only will this ruin your smile but it can make your teeth sensitive and painful- Ouch!

So what can you do to keep you and your family smiling?

- Limit your intake of sugar to special occasions.

- Look out for hidden sugars in everyday foods, reading the label is a great place to start!

- Try and find healthier alternatives surgery treats.

- Limit food intake to 3 meals a day and avoid snacking.

- And of course, make sure to brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day to keep your teeth happy and healthy.